Oh Brilliant Ones...

It’s with great joy that I share this news with you first

This special pre-launch announcement and pre-purchase opportunity is for you!

The Inner Nature of Essential Oils book and 
The Oracle Deck: Essential Oils as Allies for Metamorphosis

Two beautiful projects years in the making

And as a fellow essential oil pioneer, I wanted you to be among the first to know!

The Book

What I think you’ll love most about this book is how beautifully and elegantly it transmits the inner “spirit” nature of thirty six essential oils. 

This way of understanding the oils is deeply empowering to you and your Oil creations. 

In fact, even just the reading of the words transmits and awakens your direct and powered up relationship to these plant spirits. It will take everything that you’ve come to know about each of these oils to the next level of transformative relevance for the times that we are in.

And it does it in a way that up-levels your brilliance and your capacity to logically and intuitively work with Essential Oils.

The book is laid out so spectacularly! 

  • You will be able to quickly reference any one of the oils and the main Inner Nature gifts of each
  • You will be able to directly apply this Spirit Medicine to your own life and those around you
  • This book is a wise and trusted companion; something that will feel like a true delight every time you reach for it!

The Oracle

Oh this deck!

It's brimming with hand paintings of each oil that have been in the making for nearly three years now. It truly has been a collaboration between these plant spirits and all of our Souls!

As a fan of oracle decks I can hardly contain my glee in sharing with you the extraordinary elements of this deck

Pre-Order The Inner Nature of Essential Oils Book & The Oracle: Essential Oils as Allies for Metamorphosis.

$88 USD for Both

(Includes shipping within the United States. International shipping is also available for an additional shipping cost- scroll down for details)

A $333 coupon towards ANY of my 
virtual offerings 

This can be applied to any of my existing virtual offerings or any of my offerings released in 2022. 
(I will mention two of my new releases to you right now, before anyone else knows… Addictions & Essential Oils, and Aroma Point for Sensual Embodiment & Sexual Healing).

Coupon good until December 31, 2022. Not to be combined with any other offer, cannot be applied to pricing plans that include multiple payments, and must be used towards one virtual course or program (cannot be split).

The Bonus

The Insiders Community

Members of the Insiders Community receive:

  • Monthly bonuses: Every other Month
  • Bonuses could include: Live virtual readings with Tiffany, virtual courses, and more sweet surprises
  • Updates & excerpts: We'll send you excerpts from the book and the Oracle as we go.  You'll get regular updates that no one else sees!


So why should you pre-order these treasures?!

If you pre-order then you are automatically part of the pre-launch Insiders Community. As part of that community you will receive bonuses each every other month.

These bonuses include live virtual readings with me, bonus virtual courses, and other sweet and valuable stuff that I want to be a surprise to you. ️

It makes you a beloved Patron to the projects. Thank you from my Heart to Yours.

You also get to be an insider on the journey to actual product launch which releases in early 2023. You’ll get monthly updates from me with excerpts from the Book and Oracle. I love the idea of us being together as this comes into its full manifestation!! Talk about community goodness… It’s truly win-win-win.

When do I actually get the products in my hands?

Early 2023. Since you are about to be part of the Insiders Community you will be up-to-date with all of the details.
Can I gift this to someone else?

This is such a delightful idea! And we have come up with a way that you can do just that.

Once you click to purchase, if you would like it to be a gift to someone please email and let her know that you would like a beautiful gift certificate displaying the treasures to gift to a loved one. Be sure and let her know the name of the person. A colorful and beautiful gift certificate with pictures of the products and a description will be sent to you in PDF format for printing and sharing. 

Oh, this is going to make any essential oil lover completely giddy! And if you would like to get it for yourself and someone else simply purchase two and then let us know about the gift purchase.
What if I live overseas; can I still pre-order and what about shipping?

Yes! I so love that we are global community. You absolutely can pre-order. There’s an additional international shipping cost of $25.00. We will reach out to you when it gets closer to time to ship and provide an easy payment link for the international shipping.
Can I buy just a book or the oracle deck?
Certainly you can… But you’ll need to wait until early 2023 to do that. This special, with the delightful bonus and perks is for the package.
What are the differences and similarities between the book and the deck?
Both the book and the deck are connected to the same essential oils but the rich content and transmissions for each one is different. They are also used for different purposes. Each one is unique and together they make a power duo. 

OK, how about it?!
This offering is rooted in exponential goodness.
Click above to tap in and receive.

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